Lending to Rehabbers in Low to Moderate Income Neighborhoods

The One Green Home at a Time concept utilizes the natural resources of a designated “disinvested” community in the transformation of urban neighborhoods, “one green home at a time.” OGHAAT seeks to:

  • Develop a replicable/profitable program
  • Direct a cadre of skilled/committed rehabbers
  • Utilize high-quality yet affordable green building practices
  • Restore “sustainable”, child- and elderly-friendly neighborhoods to city tax rolls

Bridge Private Lending, LP has begun to implement this program in the Oliver Community, a neighborhood in the heart of East Baltimore, located about ten blocks north of the Johns Hopkins University Medical School complex. The process has successfully begun with the “green” rehabilitation and sale of several houses in the area. Bridge makes project awards on a site-specific basis to a particular rehab partner. Following the allocation of each property, rehabbers commit to using eco-friendly building techniques intended to substantially low utility costs and enhance inside air quality.

Concurrent with the rehabilitation of individual rowhomes, The One Green Home at a Time Foundation works with church and community leaders to engage area grade school students and residents. Priorities include: encouraging previous residents to return “home” by purchasing a newly rehabbed dwelling, organizing afterschool and other educational programs, creating public “green spaces” and community gardens, and establishing an Aging-in-Place program for elderly residents. The consequent “sustainable” neighborhood growth contributes to the city tax coffers, provides training for formerly unemployed residents, enhances indoor air quality, attracts new homebuyers to the area, and lowers utility costs for property owners and occupants.

The One Green Home at a Time Foundation is sponsored by Bridge Private Lending LP, a private, investor-funded lender in the business of funding the renovation of low to moderate income homes in urban neighborhoods. Bridge Private Lending: Investment, Community, Partnership