Bless My Mom, and Bless Diane Ravitch

admin   March 10, 2011   Comments Off on Bless My Mom, and Bless Diane Ravitch

In your February 3, 2011 article “School System Embraces Choice,” much respectful attention is paid to critics of school choice, such as Diane Ravitch, who is quoted as complaining that choice programs “introduce friction into districts, splitting communities as parents battle over space and who gets to which schools.” This reminds me of my mother’s reason for depriving my young, hungry self and my five siblings of goodies such as cherries and chocolate ice cream: “Ten minutes after I bring it in the house, you guys just eat it up and there is nothing left.” Bless my mom, and bless Diane Ravitch, but that sounds to me like an argument for more choice, not less.